Friday, July 07, 2006

So there are lobotomizing daytime talk shows all over the world, yes.
Don't think about it too long or you'll cry and laugh at the same time.
But it's almost worth it if you can make it through the crap
to Eddie Izzard sneakin' a look at the female cohost's boobs
while shaking her hand at the end of the interview. Well, finally.
At least she, hers, and the tank top were good for something.
I could just kiss him three times for each plausible reason.
Anyway, that one's for you especially, Jacquie.
ps: Calling you this weekend,
so step away from the cartoons and
break out the headset and the red wine.


Brian said...

How can you even begin to think about blogging at a time like this, when the world is still mourning the death of Engelbert Humperdinck?

me said...

I forget who was in the car with him...Frank Sinatra? Oh, nevermind me, I'm cold and heartless when it comes to mourning men whose names sound like bread types.