Saturday, July 15, 2006

Not to brag but,


"Police haven't ruled the latest finding a homicide, but
if they do so,
it would be the 97th this year."

Nice pace so far, killers, keep up the good work!
The winning local record to squash is 1993 with 213 murders.
We're right on track to beat last year's bittersweet 153,
so when I say beat, I mean *lifeless*
otherwise it'll just get filed under "Attempted."

This heat should really help crunch some numbers.
Need more motivation? Check it:

How we match up with other cities
of comparable size through the first week of June '06:

Memphis (pop. 650,100) — 92

Nashville (pop. 545,524) — 45

Charlotte, North Carolina (pop. 548,828) — 33

St. Louis (pop. 348,189) — 62

Little Rock (pop. 183,133) — 34

Detroit (pop. 951,270) — 203

Be all like that, Detroit.
You best believe we can bring the pain train.
I'm just sayin', it's hot, but we just lit the fuse, baby.

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