Sunday, July 09, 2006

(Man, where to start and where to begin...)

Thankfully, some people have beat me to the punchlines
I'd think but never post, but I'll tell you,
the correct answer really is:
Do not poke fun at this pioneer couple.

Pioneer men are skilled riflemen who'd more likely
tan and handcraft your infernal hide into
several, wide-brimmed workhats
than look at you in your fine fancy garb, smelling of soap.
And pioneer women are quick, wiry, and
wield the bloodied, cast iron skillets handed-down to them
(sometimes more of a long toss or misthrow)
through the generations what done come afore'em.

They may not have teeth, but they sure will take a bite.

The Dixie in me will just have to *swanny* to you
that I'm giving you solid advice,
so have fun, but watchyerbutt at Yahoo! Answers,
heavy on the *yahoo* at times.


Me said...

YOU! You I missed during my blog hiatus!
I had no idea this existed. What fun! It's funny how no one just comes out and points out her mistakes. Asks if she's "for real". Every response is either scathing or sweetly helpful. "He is a chief of what?" Snort!

me said...

And she just left us all hanging with no reply. How cruel! An itch I can't scratch! Somebody, must've sent her a newspaper...whaaat?