Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If you need me, I'm on Facebook.

Well, actually, I'm not. Not as much as once before. I thought Facebook would end up killing blogs, and to a certain degree, it's helped mine trickle down to a few drippy posts here and there. 

Plus, I've been working like a hamster. Here's a photo of me, at my desk.

But good thing for me, I do love my job.

And carrots.

And, the smell of fresh cedar chips.

And hiding under the washing machine or in tight corners.

I also like running around in a squeaky wire wheel. 

But Facebook has become a very busy place these days. And sometimes, I'd rather just tweet a carefuly crafted one-liner on Twitter than ramble on anymore.

YES, lucky for you. But anyway ...

Hmm. I feel a back-to-blogfest coming on.

Right after a long winter's nap.

And maybe a few carrots.