Saturday, July 08, 2006

No, it's not the Sea of Tranquility on the face of the moon.

As sadly promised,
it's "The World's Flattest Baby Bird"*
courtesy of "Parking Can Be Fun"...

...and deadlyyy.

Aren't you glad you dropped by?

*Which reminds me of the time my mother had a garage sale,
and a little kid ran up to her with fifty cents and a sail-frog**
(very similar to the sail-bird pictured above).
Face twisted in confusion, my mom walked over to the table
where my dad had apparently put the frog,
the kid pointed up to the sign reading,

"One Slightly Used Frog, 50 cents.***"

That's nothing compared to the time my father
fashioned a cross out of two 2x4's
and wrote "Here lies Old Mean Sue"
complete with birth and death dates,
then stabbed it into the freshly-tilled rosebed,
not-surprisingly, about the same size and texture
of a freshly-cut grave.
This was all for the benefit of the roofers
my mom had hired,
the roofers who never came back.

**a frog that is thin and crispy enough
to be sailed like a frisbee.

***not to be confused with the rapper,
Fiddy Cent.


Polly Jean said...

i like your sense of humor...

yea for weirdness!

me said...

ooo! I love your username!

zoey said...

WOW! what an interesting Dad!

me said...

i know, and my mom gives it right back to him. they wear me out, but i love it. one day i'll have to tell you about how he informed us that santa claus was in jail.