Monday, January 07, 2013

"Is this thing on ... ?"

I guess the better question might be, "Am I?" 

Well, "what the heck" and "who cares." I might as well start talking to myself again. I think it was good for me, in retrospect.

I don't know. Maybe it was good for you, too? I know the spambots absolutely LOVE my blog, and thank you so much, but I don't need as much Viagara or women's jerseys as one might think. I especially love the spambots that get hammered and yammer on about "red bottom shoes" and "sac Louis Vuitton" and "Bad diet plan as able-bodied as bereft concrete exercise anon depend with attention to sixteen. 6% associated with complete fatalities, or even four hundred, 000 fatalities in the usa every year. The final 20 in adjustment to 30 abounding years appear to be appointed by accepting an animated concern about traveling on a diet as able-bodied as concrete exercise. The majority of developed ups, red basal shoes, decidedly ladies, acknowledge they're aloft diet programs at atomic one time annually. Regardless of this dedication, the country is in fact advancing to access richer. Getting ample prices are in a acceptable in history higher, as able-bodied as years as a adolescent getting ample shoes with red bottom is in fact accretion with attention to the actual aboriginal time actually."

Did you even read that? I even posted it, and I didn't. 

Well, if you read that last paragraph, then you'll read anything. So maybe I can beat my record, two years in a row, of posting once a year. There, BOOM, I called myself OUT, twice like it don't hurt nothing but my ... I got nothin'.

Okay then, here goes nothing and maybe a lot of it.

Or not.

"Why I Stay Indoors Mostly" or "The World Makes No Sense"

jules: What's a sea biscuit?

me: A horse ... I'm gonna guess and say it's a salty biscuit. Y'know, how British biscuits are really cookies but they call them biscuits. They invented them. They can call them biscuits and not cookies. Because "cookies" aren't cooked. They're baked. Why aren't they called "bakies" instead ... y'know? ... aa-a-a-nnnd of course, now I have to Google it. "sea biscuit" ... it says, "a horse" so. "define: sea biscuit" ... aha, "a hard, salty biscuit" -- there. But I still don't understand why "cookies" aren't called "bakies". I mean, "stir fry" is stir fried. This is why I stay indoors mostly."