Friday, July 21, 2006

Oh, stop, you worry too much.

It's a fan that sucks the heat out of your car.

Well, yes, it is kinda tacky, but...well no,
you can't roll up the window completely anymore...
but it just leaves a tiny gap around it, so what?
Oh, it is not "just the perfect size to leverage a screwdriver."
You fill the tiny gap with the rubber thingies included, look,
you just stick them on...see? No big deal. Gosh.
Just think of how much cooler your car will be.*

*Without a window, without a stereo.


Me said...

sigh, I miss the good old days when you rolled the window down to get some air.

me said...

Me, too, and I miss cars with bench seats. It's no fun taking a quick turn if 4 kids in the back seat don't all go sliding across the benchseat and smoosh a little sister against the door. Man, those were the days.