Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Man. Remind me to pack lighter for the Taco Show next time.

I thought I'd NEVER get back and unpacked! Whew. Those Taco Shows can last a lot longer than I ever plan. But one thing is for sure -- I missed you guys (awwwwwwwwwwww). All four of you. God love ya, and so do I.

Well, what have I missed since I've been away? You have to email me and let me know. I can tell you what's been up with me, in no particular order, and for no particular reasons:

> I've walked/played with/cleaned up after/thrown tennis balls for many, many dogs.

> Been without a comfortable internet connection, but have it now.

> Found all of my (oops) computer cables.

> Not making jewelry like I intend to do all along, but hey.

> Vowed to make more jewelry and crank up the etsy store this week. No, really.

> Traveled three road trips, one being to Jackson last week for a stellar report from the doctor. Thank you, God. Literally and figuratively.

> Was thankful at Thanksgiving that I actually made it to another Thanksgiving because I finally realized that without the chemo and follow-up medicine, I literally wouldn't be here -- which brought up a whole bunch of philosophical questions for me to think about and to not think about at the same time.

> Felt like I should give this new chance at life a "Go big or go home" approach -- which is really how I used to be anyway. So that gave me more to think about, the last few years of my life anyway.

> Babbled, rambled, and started sentences backwards and not finishing. Sentences. Making me crazy, when I do that, I hate it. Y'see? Yeah.

> Been watching "Kids in the Hall" DVDs over and over. Been putting off watching the "Who Killed the Electric Car" documentary for no known reason. Gotta watch that. Tomorrow.

> Have been observing the what's and who's around me in this apartment complex, have become fascinated and am taking notes. I have three off-center people I am studying, not on purpose but just apparently. Yes, one is the directly-harmless Happy Hippie (who sadly took down his Christmas tree a few weeks ago. I know. Sad. We found a trail of crispy tree bits all the way across the parking lot to the dumpster where the ex-tree was laid to rest. But on the bright side, that tree was apparently a real tree that we all supposed must have been from last year, which made it a ten-month dried, crispy fire hazard for us all. But, his intentions were good, I believe, and it was beautiful to me anyway.). Then there's another guy who lives here who -- and I really need to get a good description of him for Cold Case Files -- will probably end up strangling a female student to death. I know, I know. Luckily, I am not a student, and knowing this, I can also steer any female students away from him.

> Have become really rusty around the edges with my scribblin's and words, and have made myself really nuts over-using the word "really" really.

> Waiting for Mamie to get out of grad school this semester so I can hang out with her and make cheese straws and spritz cookies.

> Snickerin' at the words "spritz" and "cookies" together. Ew. Grody.

> Making all-natural dog treats. In my opinion, they 're pretty tasty to me. But thankfully, we can all bank on dogs not being too particular at times, seeing that they'll eat their own barf if the mood strikes them, so anything I make them has to be tastier than dog barf. Always seeing the silver lining.

> Have decided that I need to plan a trip back to Europe -- Mamie's got me thinking about Galway and the Galway Arts Festival in June. That's one option. But I'm always thinking the "I See London, I See France" Tour option. I've done that twice so far, and twice just isn't enough.

> Dreading getting a passport photo taken.

> At some point, I've got to show you my old passport photo. Sheeeeesh, did I really wear Anne Klein door-knocker earrings?

> Washed my cellphone last night and spent this morning ye olde landline inquiring about new ones under 50 bucks before I go down to the store and get into a horrible infatuation with the $300 model I'd rather have.

Here's a fugitive thought: The cat likes to sit right behind me when I write at the computer. So in addition to his sparkling personality, that cat makes an excellent butt warmer.

So now that my butt is all warm, I guess I need to get to the Daily Errand List now before work at the doggy daycare. Dogs are the best therapy in the world. Lord knows after this last Taco Show, I could use plenty of good dogs.