Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"Your Daily Dose of Irony"

But if it weren't for alcohol,
we wouldn't have all those pesky tots around
in the first place.

Mouseover and see the super-amazing,
nut-busting, squirrel-crushing bird feeder!
Take that, you fat bastard yard rat!

One more reason why I love Mamie and Stoli vanilla:

Yesterday, we mixed up a couple of fake drinks, the virgin type,
7-up and pomegranate syrup over crushed ice in gold-rimmed glasses.
We both took a sip, agreed it was good,
but pointed at each other and said simultaneously

Oops, watch out though. That pesky alcohol
attracts the kiddies, so nevermind.
Full circle topic! Whoo hoo, good times.

Where did I park my car...

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