Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I just heard.

We get birthday cake on Thursday.
Nevermind me thinking about anything else until then.

Yes. It is that easy being me sometimes.
The rest of being me is totally impossible, however.

Also, a present for you.
Say, "Thank you, Shaunshead!"
for the badass link to skinnyfurry.


Brian said...

I think it's great that you're celebrating the birth of James Joyce with cake.

me said...

Oh damn, I thought it was for me. I guess I should've known it wasn't for me since it's not my birthday Thursday. Guess I better cancel the stripper...

Well, like my grandma always said, "It may be James Joyce's big day, but always remember, you might as well eat the cake since he's dead." I think that is how she put it. She had such a way with words.

Oh yes, and we were all playing Ouija up here at work today, and Gram popped by to tell me to congratulate you on your photocopying excellence nomination. So congrats to you and yours!

Brian said...

Ummm....don't go cancelling no stripper on my account....