Friday, January 13, 2006

Oooooooooo. Happy Friday the 13th.
And it's a Full Moon.

And you know what that means!
It means that Paris Hilton just made another cool million
being a giant DNA dumpster.

It also means Ouzo for everyone at the end of the day.
So bring a cup and turn the tables on bad luck this year
with a toast to Friday the 13th,
black cats, Murphy's Law, cracks in the sidewalk,
broken mirrors, opening umbrellas indoors,
walking under ladders, spilling salt, killing sparrows,
and that unfortunate American over-consumerism.

"Bad luck and irony, a toast to you, and
thank you for making us stronger in number."


Bubba said...

Wait...Paris Hilton gets paid $6.5 million for her "personality"? Something is definitely WRONG in this world! And who said Ashlee Simpson could act? She can't even sing! Oh, wait...ACTING is what she does when she is SINGING!

Me said...

Linked to you from Brian Damage,
your blog is amusing, perhaps it's your use of the word "gooby". Perhaps it's the offer of ouzo. Either is good. Hope you survived Friday the 13th.

me said...

Hello, Meredith! Thanks for that - yes, I made it through to the other side of the moon with plenty of Ouzo left. I'm still plenty gooby though.