Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This just in: I'm one step closer to
cancelling my practically worthless cable.

"Malcolm in the Middle" cancelled.

But there's plenty of shit to choose from still on Fox, right?

To be fair, that "Nanny 911" has a nice web site.
Until the kids jump out, scream, and ruin everything,
just like you Fox.
Just exactly like you.

Well done, and thank you, Fox!
I'll invest the money I save when I leave you
and that audience choosing to make
your worst shows into colossal, mind-numbing hits.


bushra said...

what, no! they're not really, are they?

me said...

Yes! I hate them. Unless they come back with "The Dewey Show", but they won't, so, I hate them.

ps: i meant to say earlier, thanks again for that Elbow mp3!

bushra said...

ah, bless yer, it's no problem at all!

how cool would it be if you had a Dewey Show? but then i wouldn't have minded a Reese or Francis Show either. or a Hal Show. oh, heck, they were *all* good! bring 'em back!