Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Look...I need money, too. Let's just talk...

Just tell me why, why WHY?

I mean, look, much do you need?
I can float you. Consider it a loan.
No, no, a gift.
Just don't do this to Devo.
Don't to this to me. Don't do this to us.

Take my money. Just take it. Take my car.
Here's the title...


I don't understand...
Wasn't the Target and the Swiffer commercial enough? bastardo.
Fine then.
This is you, not me.
I mean it. I can't go down this road with you.
I want my Calvin and Hobbes books back.
And you'll find your Foghat shirt in the dumpster
with everything else unholy you left behind.
Keep the key, I changed the locks.

Oh and just so you don't hear it on the street,
it's true. I have been spending a lot of time
with someone else.
Yeah, he sold a tune to a car ad,
but not his entire identity.

This hurts me more than it hurts you, Gerald.

(Call me when you get your shit together, ok?)


Me said...

When will Disney stop? Gerald is going to hell. I need to lie down. I'm feeling woozy.

me said...

It's just a horrific day I'd never imagined I'd see this side of a high school reunion.

But on the bright side, looks like the lead singer might be a fun one to watch skyrocket right into Hollywood's gooey mediocrity-filled center maybe, and then swirl down into a shrinking, coke-filled Hillary Duff-shaped hole perhaps. Oh, that could just be the ole optimist in me talking again.

Bubba said...

I was going to say "elaborate hoax" but it sure looks legit enough. WEIRD!