Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Find a Grave,
and do let me know if you find me in there.

A lot of good that
"National Clean Your Computer Desk, Keyboard
and Mouse Day" did me.
Over the weekend, I got a case of the collywobbles.
Well, not exactly the regular definition of the word.
This one is the kind where everything
simultaneaously and inexplicably just really hurts.
Like the demon inside is poking everything internal
with a spork and screaming
"TAKE THAT, HUMAN!"And you think,
what did I do?
And then all my thoughts turn to
"Well, I had a good run at this life, but now,
it's obvious. I have cancer."
And colly cancer is a terrible thing.
So, man, I really hope I don't have it.

I wonder if robots are afraid of rust.


Bubba said...

Do hope you feel better soon (or are already feeling better).

me said...

Oh yes thank you, I'm good now. The secret? Orange Tang.


It needs to make a comeback, I think.