Thursday, February 23, 2006

"M-mm...more water soup, ma, plllleaase?"

Oh, shit. If I can't work in the salt mines anymore,
where shall I work...whatever shall I do...

Invest in sea salt futures? Ok!


Oooo, whaddya think...iLawsuit?
Aw come on, Apple. It's not like I can wear it around my neck and dance with it!
Unless it comes in PINK!


Speaking of pink: Cupcakes! In Chicago?
Great! I'm planning on being there in April anyway.

(How 'bout it, up for a cupcake pilgrimage with me?)

Oh damn, they even have pupcakes.


And finally,

you are so right, Jacquie, these lejo puppet shows are...strangely...addictive.

Oh, and I have a random prediction for no reason:

Harpsichords will be making a big comeback sometime soon.
No, really. Mark my words. Look, I don't know why I know this.
But trust the intuition of someone who can keep a sweater
for 13 years until it comes back in style again.
did it never go out of style to begin with...hmmmm?

You're right. "Who cares."


Jesse's Mom said...



Bubba said...

Thanks for giving me a way to waste the last half hour of work. (I was running out of ideas.)

me said...

I'm good for that! Lemme see if i can dig anything else up...