Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Well, alright.

Explains why I can't find a decent parking space.


This is what the OK Go "Oh No" CD looks like on the outside.
Nice wrapper. I hated to rip it.
I'd love to tell you all what it's like on the inside,
like on the CD, but for now I can't.
Not until I make myself completely deaf
with this one song, "A Million Ways."

OK Go...
I love you.

Especially, of course, that tall, skinny one
Yeah you, Damian.
Oh no, don't you worry. I'll get in line.


Jesse's Mom said...

Shall I burn you a copy of mine so you can leave yours pristine? It was your generosity that put the CD in my hands, after all. And it is gooooood.

me said...

Heck no, I ripped it open like a madwoman! Thank you though...I am still stuk on this one song so far. You like others?