Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Good question. Find out here.

"How can I stick it to The Man on gas prices?"
Another good question! Read here.

News anchor beamed from the tv this morning:
"Electricity prices are on the rise again,
that story and more, coming up..."
Oh yeah?! Take that, Helmet Hair!

"What can make my laptop and me more popular with the girlies?"
Well, this is an excellent start.
Also, toss in some jewelry or cash. It never hurts.

News Flash: ""VP shoots man in hunt error"
Real News Flash: "VP *accidentally* made billions rebuilding Iraq, too"

Nevermind that: Cupcakes!


Jesse's Mom said...

Wow. I could look at pictures of pretty little cupcakes all day long. This is why I need to win the lottery tonight. So I can have the leisure time to devote to making gorgeous baked goods.

me said...

in two words: oh hellyes.