Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Learn something new everyday.

1. New word for the day: meme
Who knew! Use it daily.
I read it three times already
and still don't fully comprehend it,
but I think actually I do it everyday.
More caffeine for me-meeeeee.

2. Make sure your insurance policies are current.
Check this oddly divine video of
car crash porn on,
via a9 search for meme.

3. Eat more Ksar Blend from Sahale Snacks.
It's so good I can't even describe it
unless I use my hands.
Did you see what I just did with my hands?
Well, nevermind - go, now, get your own today!

Oh my sweet lord,
no wonder I'm walking death.
This tea has no caffeine.
Why why why??


The Great Saphenous said...

There simply is no way to describe the meme in words. It's quintessential, really. Which isn't meant to describe it.

Real men live for decaf.

me said...

I totally understood you until I got to the decaf part. But I'll try to comprehend that in time. It will take time. And Vivarin.