Monday, February 06, 2006

It was twenty years ago today...

(give or take, depending upon his actual birthdate)
that PlasticGod was around 11 years old
drawing like a fiend, ever since he could hold a pencil.

He does a rather nice Jam Master J, too.

So buy a print today.
That way, hopefully he won't smote me
for not asking permission to use his images.


The little pink POS camera sure is cute in its own way.
I will never forget my other one that's MIA.
But you, you little pink POS,
you're growing on me
and the stuffed termite
and the twin Buddha Brothers
and the aquapet whose name I can't remember anymore
and the african doll I got down the street.


And finally,

Why are the Taiwanese breeding
pigs that glow-in-the-dark?
Because they can.
And because they are show-offs.
And human lightbulbs are next
so stand guard over yer embryos, ladies.


Me said...

Glow in the dark pigs! Yippee!
... where's that acid you promised me?

me said...

In honor of the green, glowing pigs, I'll speak mutated Pig Latin:

It's inAy eeThay ailMay. Let's opeHay ubbyaDay ushBay oesn'tDay intercept it ... Ay...

screeeeeeech, dear lord help me, please!!!*

*(sorry, that was the mutated pig part)