Friday, February 10, 2006

Oooo, look - I painted on me window @ work.

I think it looks nice
hiding that industrial looking garage
that I've never noticed until now.
The riverview is on the other side of the building,
but the indirect light over here is consistently better,
so sayeth this employee number 0010.

Today, we're watching for snow.
Excluding the bit about the guaranteed
100 degree temps in the summer,
it's great living in a region that closes down
when it snows just the slightest bit.

Come on, Snow...

and bring your friend, Mr. Icy Streets...

Photos courtesy of the pink POS.
Which reminds me, now I've got my eye on a Holga.

ps: the sumo wrestler isn't sharing the enthusiasm over the cold.
so i will light his votive candle for warmth. there, there, sumo boy...


Update: It snowed, everyone's leaving.
Including me. Yee haaaah.

It looks more impressive than the POS can eke out,
but here's the Peabody Hotel with a little snow on it.


Yeah, I only live like 5 minutes away,
so I'm almost positive I can make it home
without resorting to cannibalism in the event of a severe accident.
So yeah, in theory, I could stay here for the next few hours.
But really, it's not the drivers* I fear --
I fear the sad drone I would've become
if I didn't knock off early to take the dog for a play in the snow
that comes only once a year,
if you're lucky...

I'd never be able to hold my head up around that dog again.

Plus, fairly impressive accumulation in less than an hour...

*Ok, so maybe I'm a little afraid of the panicky drivers...
25 wrecks and counting so far...


Bubba said...

The snow was cool, but it took an hour to get from International Place to the Union Avenue viaduct. Maybe I should either move further east (yuck!) or get a job in Midtown (hmmmmm.....)

me said...

Ok, I vote for the job in midtown! No one cool needs to get swallowed up and lost in the sprawling, signless east. Anything past Shelby Farms is just right out of the question!