Thursday, February 02, 2006

Oh, I'm sorry - I must've made that name up.

POS camera = a piece o' shit digital camera that costs $20 or less,
and you really shouldn't expect it to work, but sometimes
you get some happy surprises.
But if not, best part is, you're only out $20.

This new pink POS is doing ok so far.
It's getting points alone just for being pink.
It's still not as great as my other POS camera
(seen here in-hand at the July 01 post).

Can't even look at that,
1. makes me sad just wondering where it went,
2. the humidity that day made my ponybun go all-natural.
Damn. I sure miss that POS...

Anyway, points off to the POS
for its sad interpretation
of THE CAKE we had today,

(that tall, mocha icing looks more like foie gras souffle)

but points back on as it did take an artsy little shot of
the paperwhites growing at home

that the cat has not found yet and eaten.

But hey, it is, after all, just a POS anyway.

Sometimes, that is the best kind to have.

Just don't get attached to one and
drink frozen drinks with PGA* in them.

*Pure Grain Alcohol

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