Thursday, March 31, 2005

Where in the hell did I go?

Are you still there? Man. Thank you! And ah, who really knows where I go for days at a time sometimes. Well, besides this case of unshakable Spring Fever, Many Festivity and Big-Large Happy Events have ensued:

- had a damn-fine birthday
- went out for some sushi
- with 9 rare people on this green earth
- poked around at some sea urchin
- ate it (not sure why, but it may have been the sake*)

*ok, so it was kind of a self-inflicted dare, what's new.

To encapsulate "Why Sea Urchin is Gross":

Oh alright. If "just trust me" isn't a good enough reason, then I'll see if I can make it short:

Besides the fact that it's the prepared gonads of a sea urchin? Hmmm, well lemme think...mainly it's the consistency. It tastes like how a really old book smells, and how a brain might feel being smashed under the 18th wheel of a semi. The more you chew, the more it spreads. In my list of True Hardcore Sushi That Got Me Good, this one ranks up there as Number One, dethroning its worthy opponent, baby octopus. I love most all sushi and sashimi and even big mama octopus. But baby octopus...that was truly like eating a rubber bug.

But as always for some twisted reason, I am glad I finally glad I put that sea cow out to pasture and tried that dang sea urchin. Gee. Maybe I am all grown up now.

I doubt it. In retrospect, the best part was the right-of-passage and the bonding experience. (Thank you for the piece o' uni, Doug!) Passage into what is yet to be decided. But now I don't have to get that mermaid tattoo I've had my eye on. Whew!

Also in the news:
Congratulations to Michael's head for getting a brand new job at St. Jude. Lunch?

And finally, I may be moving/revamping soon.
I don't know yet. My Blogger has been crapping out lately, has yours? Misbehaving and such. Pukin' posts and draggin' ass around. Gets Many Very Big-Large Annoying to me. Plus, I really want a photoblog. I have tons of pictures haunting me. No really, you know you care. But if and when the time finally comes, I'll leave a link here and a light on for ya.

Because as always, anyone who happens to be reading this is quite possibly one of the greatest people on this fair green earth, totally misunderstood by the General Masses, and that's why you are basically The Shiznit to me. I'd hug you everyday and give you cupcakes if I could. But we'd all go diabetic if I did.

But wouldn't it be worth it?

pic swiped from Domestic Goddess...yummmm...I think she is taking orders, go getcha some!


j said...

St. Freaking Jude! No more working for the ma...wait a minute, does Corporate America still count as The Man? Anyway, don't listen to me - I'm just lonely and jaded. Good luck Mikey. Things are already in a downward spiral here at Whalepoop & Associates without you.

me said...

Not so fast, j! We'll be drinking beer for you soon enough, I can feel it. And then we can listen in our rowboats as they play the violin all the way down to the bottom of the seafloor. You are next off, buddybuddyboy!

ps: Whalepoop...HAHA!!