Friday, March 25, 2005

Damn. Poor BitBit.

Number one, for having been given that name.

And number two, for that hat.

Well, maybe that hat would be number three, and change number two to "for being bred and bought as an accessory." I really am so sorry about that. Please don't let your ancient Chihuahua gods be angered at BritBrit, causing a swarm of angry locusts to descend upon her empty head like a giant straw hat. But it was a toss up between you and a baby.

Gee whiz. That was mean, huh? I don't know what came over me. Oh wait, it's called honesty.

It just makes me wonder what these nutty, rich women do with their chihuahuas after they aren't trendy anymore? Can they be recycled? It's not like they can just be tossed into a drawer with the Digipet...or can they...

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zoey said...

it's weird to see a dog wearing a mink coat. if the dog were to hunt the mink, they would eat the mink coat & all... they wouldn't go throught the trouble of tanning the hide & dying it pepto-pink so that they could drape it over their back. odd. z