Wednesday, March 16, 2005

See. Now that's a tagline.

Thank you, Jacquie-Wac, for the Marmite website. Nicely-wicely done. I can't say whether I'd love Marmite or hate it. I actually like brussel sprouts, so I'm not too special for Marmite. But I can only take so much abuse for liking unloved things which are good for me. And since Marmite is spent brewer's yeast and not a strawberry iced vanilla cupcake, odds are I wouldn't get the attraction.

The closest I've ever come to Marmite is unscrewing the lid of ugly cousin vegemite and giving it a sniff. I don't remember much after that. But it reminds me of the time I ordered sea urchin and then just stared at it for the rest of dinner. It looked exactly like a human tongue and smelled like extremely salty fishwater. Not that pretty blue kind. The kind that stands still and has some murk to it. So the waitress finally took it away and said "I was wonderin' why you ordered that. Guys come in here, sit up at th' bar an' get drunk an' dare each other ta eat that."

Shorten that up a little, and it'd make a decent tagline maybe.


bushra said...

so hate it!

me said...

i can't! i haven't tried it! d'ya like it?