Monday, March 07, 2005

In my leetle-tiny world, ve have ze leetle-tiny red shrimps.

Man, I want one of these ecospheres.

I want the giant 500$ one. Boy, that'd be one less bad cat in the world if Googie knocked it off the table though.

"For best results:
- Do not shake!
- Supply 6-12 hours of light a day
- Avoid direct sunlight
- Keep temperature at 60-85°F"

Wow! Add the occasional snowfall in and that sounds like a description of me. Maybe I'm more of a shaky snowball person instead. Maybe that's why I have 1.2 billion of them already.

Ok. Maybe it's only 1.2 million. Sheesh, can't I embellish just a little? It's my tiny world!

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anonymousthinker said...

haha thats cool.. lil shrimp.. woot to that.. randomness.. keep blogging