Thursday, September 30, 2004


No hell no, it's not Danny, Donny, Jingle, Thuggy and Bingochip, it's way better and important -- it's New Kids On The Blog (pronounced "blerg").

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Have I mentioned that I am eaten alive with Elbow? Yeah. I accidentally found them on (hi, Bushra!) as Independent Kitten, and I'll be damned if I'm not having an excessive Elbowfest ever since.

Who am I kidding, I'll be damned in every situation, regardless, I'm sure. Bring it on, universe!

But the first album I got was Cast of Thousands. Tis good. The second was Asleep in the Back. Tis growing on me. To describe them, I'd say that Peter Gabriel and Radiohead had a big two-pack-a-day smoking baby that's almost 38 years old. But this baby is not in a constant bleak mood like Radiohead. Although, yes of course, I will always love Radiohead (snifflesniffle) even though they never write or call anymore ever never ever ever. Too good for me these days, huh? Well. Pablo this, honey.

Man. I'm so facking boring today. Sorry you have to read this.

Anyway, if you are looking for some good music, get some Elbow.

What's my point? I'm not sure I have one. I just wanted to say hey.

And it's Friday, and I'm tired but happy. "Hope yer happy tooo-ooo-oo." -- David Bowie

Also, I'm looking through all the lonely little links I've saved as unrealized, un-gestated Drafts (gross), and they look so sad that I think I'll just throw a couple out here indiscriminately and without much fancies...

If you want a freaky good movie starring Oingo Boingo's Danny Elfman plus a few other half-naked Oingo Boinger's, then rent "Forbidden Zone." In seven words: boobies and big silky Bettie Page panties. And as Ron says: If it wasn't for rock music, some guys like Danny Elfman and (poor dead) Joey Ramone "would never get no play with the ladies". (Hey, he said it, Danny, not me. xox) Make sure you watch the DVD extras to see the interviews. Those people are good-crazy -- dear God, I wish I could've been in Oingo Boingo.

Good Bye, Lenin! -- good movie about the fall of the Berlin Wall in1989 but, see, the guy's mom who's really old school East German, she falls into a coma right before this happens and when she wakes up, the doctor says her heart is too weak to withstand the shock. I suck at explaining this, so just rent it, you'll like it.

If you don't have Netflix, getttt iiiittttt. I never watched movies much, but you'd be surprised at how you'll watch 'em once they are delivered to your house only to lie around and look pathetic until you watch them and you realize you have spent money for these things and they are turning into more expensive drink coasters by the day.

Ok, do you smell burning wires? It's me, I'm totally burned out for the day. So thanks for reading my babbling smack and I'll be back with something interesting soon I promise.

ps: if you made it through this post without falling asleep, then congratulations! You just won the Monkey Riding a Dog prize. Make sure you click Video. Enjoy!


bushra said...

hi bethany!

i love Elbow too! i'll send you an mp3 of that song they did for independent kitten if you want. they played it for a radio show a-a-a-ages ago.

j said...

I bought Asleep in the Back about 2 years ago. I think I bought an Interpol CD off of Amazon and those guys actually suggested Elbow as another band I might like. Those guys are good, almost made me spend more money. Anyway, Asleep in the Back is pretty good, but not great. Is Cast of Thousands worth getting? I'll have to check it out. Until then, I guess I'll take comfort in the soothing sound of my Bryan Adams: Greatest Hits collection!

me said...

Heck yeah, Jershmedesign, you neeeeeed Cast of Thousands, go get it -- it even comes with a bonus CD-rom with lots of cool videos and images. Looooove themmmmmmm.

Also, got your email and yes, we will get together for drinks damn soon -- Boscoe's perhaps on a Monday?

ONE MORE THING: Happy Birthday 2 (?) days early!

ps: YES BUSHRA! I'd love to have the mp3, I'll email you directly.