Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Scott drew a fat Scout Leader.

I drew a fat 2DO List cat.

Another successful resource meeting is fully realized. Is it Tuesday already?

It's about time for a "Product Review, Product Review!", isn't it? Anyone have any suggestions for a specific product?

I'll wander down to the corner Wal-Greens and see what's new down there besides Nyquil, Dayquil, and Afrin. Yellow fever supposedly killed many Memphians about 100+ years ago. But I'm convinced it was allergies and sinus maladies instead.

Which, by the way, I think I have conquered my addiction to nasal spray for the time being. Don't play with that crack. It's addictive, I'm tellin' ya. Don't underestimate Nyquil either. If you take it for more than about three days in a row, that stuff will turn on you like a junkyard dog. Instead of knocking you out for the night, it'll poke you wide-eyed awake approximately every 17 minutes so you can hear the sound of buzzing somewhere deep within your spinal cord. *

But man, it works when it works. I feel muuuuuch better.

Better living through chemistry.

*It also diminishes your writing skills. I'm totally boring today. This joint needs some candy around here. I'm off to lunch and maybe for some candy.**

** That was a positive thought, but it's too damned muggy out today. Mugfest. But I did get a fortune cookie at lunch, so there is some excitement maybe...


Paste This said...

Yes, I have a request.


I double-dog dare you!

It might also get you off that nose spray....

me said...

Doesn't that just figure. I just checked the local Walgreens, and they are fresh out of these and all they had was Jelly Belly knock-offs and chocolate covered Peanut Clusters. But you know, since you double-dog dared me, I really must order and try these salted chili prunes. Because that's the kinda gal I am. I'll let you know what they taste like, and what happens after that. I'm intrigued myself.

Paste This said...

That's the spirit! I knew you wouldn't let me down.

The 'what happens after' part, I'll leave to your discretion, however. Cleared sinuses is my hope. Nothing more.