Monday, September 20, 2004

What I've Learned Working in Advertising All These Years.

For example, I imagine the situation went down like this:

Designer to Project Manager: "He WHAT?!"

PM: "I know, I know..."

Designer: "He thinks it'd look better with the kid's FRONT TEETH photoshopped out?? What the @#$%? That will look forced and ridiculous!! Don't the pigtails just scream @#$%ING PRECIOUS...?!"

PM: "I know, I know..."

Designer: "Why in the hell does EVERYONE around here have to put their @#$damn @#$her-@#$%in' dick-print on EVERYTHING I do around here?? God! These people are RUINING MY LIFE!"

PM: "I know, I know, I hear ya, what a jerk, huh...(glancing at clock on wall in distance) *sigh*...look, let's wrap this thing up so we can get outta here. I have to pick up my kids from soccer practice."

Designer: "Why does MONSTER.COM have to be such a @#$damn @#$her-@#$%in' BLACK-HOLE WASTE of TIME??...'tweak it a bit by photoshopping some missing teeth'...WHAT THE -- @#$damn @#$her-@#$%!!!"

Well. I imagine that's how it could've gone down. Past experiences, of course. Ahem.


Paste This said...

That's certainly how it should have gone down. I'd expect something more professional from a random blog, let alone Hallmark. Glad I saw this before it's yanked.

Jen said...

That is one scary-looking child.