Friday, September 03, 2004

Oh hell yeah, it's Friday. Rejoice.

What a week. So productive. No one choked me to the ground, and I didn't take a pick axe to the fancy color printer that decidely won't print my lavenders.

If anyone needs to know, trading your nasal spray in for Nyquil is like crop-dusting for one single roach. That Nyquil is certainly some powerful medicine. I woke up yesterday and next thing I knew I was at work. How'd that happen. And I was aware of all ten of my toes at once. When's the last time you could feel all of your toes at once, pestering you, one at a time. And then altogether. I guess brain damage is a small price to pay for clear sinus passages and heightened sense of smell. I actually smelled chocolate cake baking through a wall the other day. How bionic.

A sad note: Some terrible ass put a sticky note on my car rhetorically asking me if my grandmother taught me how to park. Don't you just love people like that? My grandma's dead, but really, thank you for reminding me. To me, that sounds like someone who needs to park on the roof and walk some of that agression off and please touch my car again so I can park crooked on her cowardly bones over and over again. It's a her. She wrote like a girl. She'll cry like a girl, too, if I could ever find her. I may just park 6 inches over the line again and bait her. Take a day off from work and hide in my car with a picture of my grandmother. I'll think about it. But until then...

More sketches for you, because unlike piggly note-leavers, you people are the best:

It's a two-legged dog with patches. Awwww...

If he had a job, he'd make lots of hard-earned Doggie Dollars, and he'd spend it on candy.

Someone unwittingly created a new word in the Tuesday meeting. It means "you all are" as in "Y'all're haulin' ass on that project, aintcha*?"

*aintcha = quaintly means "aren't you" in case y'all're needing translation.

I don't know why I spelled "drink" this way. Guess that's the antihistamines talkin.'

Well, maybe I was reminding myself to find some red wine. I'll look for some now.


Paste This said...

Y'all're almost making me nostalgic for the South. Then I remember it's the first week of September. Which is almost August. Never mind.

Hey, did you hit the aquarium in Chatt? I bet that's where the Neptune came from, nyet?

People all became allergic to peanuts the same time all the kids came down with ADD.

me said...

That's an excellent point which I've not thought of -- do you think the peanuts caused the ADD?

We did go to the aquarium last year. It was beautiful. But I'm a sick person because some of those big silvery fish just made me hungry for sushi. Am I scary or what?

bushra said...

i tried "y'all" on the nieces and nephews one day. the oldest niece wouldn't let me hear then end of it, she kept following me around saying "y'all? y'all? that's not even a word!"

bushra said...

also: brilliant pictures! do you do this for a living?

me said...

Aw, thank you, Bushra! I like 'em, too. I have no idea what they are. I end up drawing these things in meetings really and pretty much any other place I'm sitting around with a felt tip, paper, and too much misplaced energy. Which means I've got a ton of them. One day I'll stick them together in a pile and do something with them. Not sure what tho, but I'll scan more along the way. Thanks, y'all're too kind! (ps: I like your photos, by the way. Inspiring!)