Thursday, September 23, 2004

A friendly reminder:

Logo comps are due Monday. And the client hateyhatehates crowns, so do not include them.

Also, soon to come:

The breathlessly awaited "Product Review, Product Review!" of my super-special WalGreens shipment suggested by Chip.

The suspense has already weakened three innocent onlookers and nearly killed an old lady in Pittsburg, so I apologize for any fatal delay. Mooo ha haaa.


Paste This said...

Prunes! Prunes! Prunes! Chilies! Yaaaaaaaaaa!

sherry said...

hey, forget walgreen's...the new IKE'S just opened at the corner of union and cooper! and they have cheap beer! and gas! and a pharmacy! woohoo!

okay, so i haven't been in. but doug got up really early and went this morning just to see if they were giving away free stuff because it was their grand opening.

they weren't.

me said...

Ok, you realize that I HAD to go to Ike's after you told me that, right?? YES I DID...