Thursday, January 08, 2004


I have a black dog and a white cat living with me. Pointless to say that the black dog goes for anything white, the white cat goes for anything black and they roll on it, independently. With this idea, now I don't have to kill* either one of them.

*What a relief because I can't kill anything but a mood.

Oh yes, and my hair is short and luxurious today. I told you I would update you. I didn't guarantee it'd be interesting.

Oy. Best cookies in existence that I am aware of to date, and Mrs. Fields lives here in Memphis now, so I'd know by proximity. The one I got is a Chocolate Chip Supreme Cookie. They aren't kidding. Besides the healthy, American-sized wasteful portion embodied in this fist-sized cookie, dare I say "teeth beware" -- it packs a whallop of Cookie Heaven? Heckyeah, I can be as punfilled as the next. I'm an avid reader of Self magazine and someone gets paid to write things like that; consider me a Product of My Environment. Creamy semi-sweet chocolate chips, gigantic Bavarian choco-chunks, melting milk chocolate and cruncy toffee bits. And it still tasted like cookie dough. You know what I mean: The best way to ruin cookie dough is to bake it. But this cookie? Well, I need to take a moment to weep, and order some more for Valentine's Day.

New Year's resolutions just melt away at the first bite of a stellar cookie, don't they? Good.

Arpeggio has gotten me all steamy for a new tea kettle. Okay, that one hurt me, too. I'll stop with the cheddar-flavored puns now. I swear. If I can. But here is my perfectly grand tea kettle. Except mine is not pig-colored like this one, brushed stainless instead, but it does sound like an arriving train with its HOHNER® harmonica two-tone whistle. Just ask the cats. They think it sounds more like a tornado warning siren. And that's a good feature, if Jackie is reading. Watching the cats stick to the kitchen ceiling always makes a good cup of tea even better. But now, here I am. I want this kettle. If it comes in red. And if it really doesn't attract children like it says. I am fresh out of cruelty-free children traps and would have to use the old wooden whacking broom instead.

I sound mildly violent today, don't I? Must be the luxurious new hairdo and American-sized sugar buzz.

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