Monday, June 28, 2004

Very cool:

Ooo, and here's some of that happiness I've heard so much about. Very, very cool.

Today's aphorism, and another useless tagline from the past.

"A roach at someone else's table is just as effective as a Dexatrim."


"Calgon. Take me away."

And finally: Totally useless things I have noticed about myself today.

In the most unladylike fashion, I noticed I've started placing my fists together in front of me like a boxer, crushing them together to crack my knuckles.

My nails have grown long for no reason that I can think of really. I noticed this as I cracked my knuckles like a boxer.

My hair is becoming unruly and animated as the day wears on.

Which as a rational adult, I can only wonder: Is it the oppresive humidity, or is it a full moon? And why am I craving rabbit's blood?

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