Friday, December 30, 2005

Eat it, it's good for you.


Since she did the whole thing without laughing,
I give her a 79.

I like this a lot, called gutnotes.

Headlines that I think are humorous
but the client will not, so nevermind:

"Overchilled chardonnay? Over our dead bodies."

"Comes with an anti-jam feature. Just wait for the anti-jelly one…"

"Have the world's best disposal at your disposal.
You filthy, rich bastard you."

(Didn't say they were brilliant.)

And finally,
turn the volume down for
a shining example of why having kids is overrated,
and quite possibly, certain people should just stop altogether
and let the world purge itself.


The Great Saphenous said...

Good god, someone actually replaced an iPod with a wad of meat? I mean, what kind of...who the...why?

me said...

No doubt, I need a photo of it. All I can imagine is a big slab of Spam...