Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Aw, fishsticks!

The cat ran away with my memory. Again.

One more reason to love Canadians - Amoebacorp.

And lastly, a discussion topic for you:

Yes. I see where they were going.
But is "Sudden Headache" really a good name for a drink?
How debonaire can one seem swaggering into a
trendy cocktail bar full of overpriced people
and ordering a drink named "Sudden Headache"?
Why not "Gas Pain" instead?
Unless I'm just reading it wrong, anything is better.

"Panic Attack"

"Chronic Backpain"

You can even branch out into "Oncoming Traffic"
or "Impending Doom" as a similar yet different route.

See? Try it. It's fun.

Aw, no. Thank you.

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