Saturday, February 07, 2004


Hurry, hurraaay, step right up and see the one-and-only super-freaktastic creation known as The Stooping Tardo and little buddy Meatwad. What a great website to locate an adoptable dog in your locality. Hey, getcher dawg on, pass this Dogster link around and brighten a doggie day, maybe even lifetime. Plus, read through the profiles. Not to be punny, but we did howl with giddy delight* over some of the pictures and profiles.

*Ugh, sorry. But come on...look at this this one...and this one...and this one...

(Meaty treats to ljc for this link.)

(Scott the Severe Cat-Hater, avert your eyes for this next one...)

Ok, Googie got jealous, so here he is. Awwwwww....

Note the Bears toque... "DA BERRZ."

Ok, who needs insulin now, that was all way too sweet. All of it.

Speaking of togues, this looks kinda funny, eh?

Also, you've heard that chocolate actually contains antioxidants. It's in the cocoa powder, I read. So since Dove Chocolate makes its chocs with the most refined cocoa, that makes its Dark Chocolate the Antioxidant Choice Chocolate just burstin' with antioxidants. So dose up with Dove Dark Promises.* Can I get a healthy "Huzzah!!" on that one? Word @#$%ing up.

*For some Americans reading: Now don't go Super Sizing, Biggie Frying on this. This only means 4 or 5 Dove Dark Promises a day, max. Hey, it's not our fault we overconsume. Aww, come here, lemme give you a big hug... I can't reach around you. Oh well... LET'S GO FOR SOME TACOS!!

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