Friday, June 09, 2006

Bigfoot, alien hovercraft, and Nessie.

Try not to make eye contact.

And then I saw my shadow and, dammit,
there were 6 more weeks of summer.

Eh, not a bad one for the end of the day.
Thanks to our contributing wildlife and oddities photographer,
Miles Stephenson for this rare shot. )

Summer. Hot. Need Gatorade.

Homicidal tendencies on the rise.
General heat riles up the bandits, while excessive heat
calms them down and occasionally heatstrokes them
right out of the game.
We've got an air advisory out today, too.
Would've been nice to know before the morning walk.
Memphis. It's all those FedEx planes.
It really is.

Air advisories.
They really have you by the goodies when it comes to air, don't they?
Gas prices soar. Ok, I'll walk or just won't use the car.
Fuzzy, huggable animals don't want to be eaten.
Not a problem, I'll have soy.
(Luckily, soybeans don't have cute wiggly-tailed babies.)
But air... man. There is no substitute for that, is it?
Gas masks, maybe.
All the rage with the military, I'm hearing.

Do they come in pink?

Oh, it's comin', babies. But eh, have no fear.
Things work out, you watch.

Did I tell you I'm going to the beach in two weeks?
Scott said he'd take a screenshot of me here
when I get there

Ron told me they have pink RAZRs on sale.
Dude. Like I can concentrate now.
I've been threatening this for awhile, but now, I mean it.
Tomorrow, my new life with a pink camera phone gets underway.

Please join me for the ribbon cutting.

It'll be my special brand of lighthearted boring,
so join me, won't you.
There will be pizza.
Thin crust.

And hooch.

But get there early for that,


Bubba said...

What a fun little snapshot look at your world! Now we can all imagine you sitting there and posting to Blogger. I was in the Smoky Mountains last week. It was cooler there, but there were a lot of bugs! (Yuck!)

me said...

Photo also works well at keeping bugs away, like citronella. Wait til I get my new phone. I'll bore everyone to smithereens with endless shots of my shoes in everyday action. (Actually, I like that idea...see? Brace yourselves.) But it will be good for the beach roadtrip, yeahyeah.

Smoky Mountains? You dog - how nice was that! Don't tell me you went to Asheville.

Brian said...

Be still my beating heart.

And on my birthday too!

me said...

Aren't you the sweetest thing, I look ready for a vacation, don't I?

I hope your birthday was nothing less than stellar! Realize that Gillian was tasked to send out a package to you. But if I know Gillian, she dawdled. Oh well. Thank God she's pretty and has that to fall back on. Nothing in that head of hers. Deep down under all that boobage, though, she has a heart of gold...

bushra said...

honest. if I wasn't such a geek with the gadgety phones (they're kind of regressing in the looks department and looking more and more prehistoric as I get a new one) my phone would be pink RAZR too.

me said...

Ooo, yep, I got the magenta yesterday, wanted pastel pink but ehh. I love your phone though, wish I had one of those, too. See, it all makes me wonder, and maybe this is already an option that I don't know of since *my head lives in Rigel 7 without a newspaper*, if it's possible to have two cellphones that share the same number, for accessorizing purposes. If that's not an option soon, I'd be surprised.