Wednesday, June 29, 2005

23 Jun, Thu, 17:50:51 Yahoo: facking ladies
24 Jun, Fri, 13:24:22 Yahoo: Matt lauer - cufflinks
24 Jun, Fri, 18:14:31 Altavista: john wayne gacy
25 Jun, Sat, 15:57:52 Google: lumivalkoinen translate
25 Jun, Sat, 21:49:33 Yahoo: COGIC HATS
26 Jun, Sun, 14:03:45 Yahoo: does coke rehydrate you?
26 Jun, Sun, 14:35:00 Yahoo: racoon feces pictures
26 Jun, Sun, 18:52:53 Yahoo: glow in dark liqueur
27 Jun, Mon, 00:33:24 Yahoo: dongfest
27 Jun, Mon, 13:23:46 Google: "barbie fashion plates"
28 Jun, Tue, 08:21:20 Yahoo: pre teen boobs
28 Jun, Tue, 19:12:43 Yahoo: girls facking
29 Jun, Wed, 05:32:41 Yahoo: flexy girls
29 Jun, Wed, 14:46:12 Altavista: john wayne gacy

Man, I have got to find at least one picture of racoon feces for this person.

Oh, sure, I've got plenty of info on ladies and girls in COGIC hats drinking glow in the dark liqueur, facking John Wayne Gacy at all those dongfests those crazy flexy girls like to throw. But wildlife excrement, gee I feel so useless. That's just out of my area of expertise.

Brian? You had any luck yet? Lemme know, but only when you get a chance. It's no big hurry, they don't seem to be desperate, just consistent.

Nevermind, I found one here that'll just have to do. But kids, remember: If you do find scat, never pick it up. I say this every year and cannot stress this enough. Because not only might you contract some expensive disease from it, but you may well develop a taste for it as well.

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