Monday, June 06, 2005

02 Jun, Thu, 19:17:29 Google: she fricklin blocked me
03 Jun, Fri, 11:31:14 Yahoo: pics by fingerman
03 Jun, Fri, 21:59:13 Google: design lumivalkoinen
04 Jun, Sat, 00:00:11 Google: snowgoose cherry
04 Jun, Sat, 04:17:28 Yahoo: "7 up" spot albino
04 Jun, Sat, 16:18:32 Yahoo: does olive oil help sideburns grow
05 Jun, Sun, 10:40:56 Yahoo: pre teen boobs
06 Jun, Mon, 07:40:01 Google: "got * new contacts"
06 Jun, Mon, 16:44:24 Altavista: john wayne gacy
06 Jun, Mon, 16:57:15 Google: +"barefoot contessa" +"caught on fire"

cursor miner saved my life.
cursor miner saved my life.
cursor miner saved my life.

this unfortunately dooms him to fall off the face of this planet shortly if he hasn't already. which will leave me with one million questions unanswered. like does olive oil really help sideburns grow. and if, god forbid, the barefoot contessa caught on fire, could you see her flame from outer space.

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