Thursday, June 09, 2005

My Very Own "Mini Me" Doll.

Directly from FAO and My Twinn, it's your new, plastic replacement. Used up all of your PTO hours for the year? No problem! Just slap down 200 or so bucks and whip out a tiny, younger, less jaded version of yourself. Can't afford that lasermicrodermabrasion treatment to keep up with the Joneses tiny lines and wrinkles removal? Like to see what you'd have looked like if you'd married a wealthy prince from Monaco instead of getting that university degree and that senseless meat grinder job?

Then *My Twinn* to the rescue it is. Go onnnn, try it, it's fun for all.

But, if you're not into that...

Here’s something to watch for the rest of the day and wonder why you did.

Oh, because it's different. That's why. See how quickly I almost forget the important things in life?

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