Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I love this link, sent in by zoEy (thanks again!). Strangely enough, this silhouette looks almost just like me, if only it had a ponytail. And a big, black hole where my soul used to be. Look, the implosion has dehydrated my sense of humor, too. Which is really spookin' my freakin' mule.

Hey. I can use retarded idioms like that and even a twisted colloquialism or two. Remember, I am from Mississippi. Just don't tell many people that. Swing a dead cat without hittin' a redneck, I might even start incorporating more, just because I have that license. And that license is about as pretty as skating down a hill into 5 o'clock traffic.

Ah good times, good times. Oh hell, what do I care? I don't really have a dog in this 9-to-5 fight anyway.

"Eh, things are not that bad really," she screamed into the rabid pit bull's face. This past weekend I had ice cream cake so good that it's not even listed on the site. Dark chocolate covered ice cream cake, with mostly ice cream. Oh man. Oh man. Ohhh man. It was good. Life is simple and good like that. When it's rolled in dark chocolate.

Good story, huh? I'm sorry, soon everything will be back to some garden variety of normal. But until then:

The Nomi Song is out on DVD. C'monnnnn, Netflix. Bring me my fruit loops...

Thanks for this link, Jerrrrrsh. Too busy to update your blerg, huh? Please, let's go for some gaytinis soon. I know you are just mulling around your house in your mumu, counting cracks in the ceiling, just itching to get out of the house and back into the Real World. Do you mull, or do you putter? Aw, you know I have to give you some type of hell somehow, remotely, since I know you're having withdrawals from Michael. Which reminds me, by the way, how is Michael's mom?

This stuff looks good, and oddly familiar.

And damn, I'll say -- this site certainly is heavy. It almost choked my FireFox. I'll save this one for a rainy day. Hell. These days I apparently have my own little black raincloud, just hangin' out like a pregnant monkey in June with a two dollar whistle blown twice, so not long of a wait now. High five!!

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