Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Yeah, but I still can't wait for New Year's Eve.

It's Ron's birthday so you have to eat cake, right? Or it's bad luck or something. Then on New Year's Day, you have to eat black-eyed peas for luck, and some type of green stuff for fortune, and pork for... the benefit of the pork industry, I guess. I have no idea what pork is supposed to symbolize. Maybe I should go look that up.

If I can get out of it with no jinxes, I won't mind skipping over the pork part. I'm almost right off meat these days anyway after watching one too many of those reality shows on the National Geographic channel where they send the city slickers off to live in Zaire for a week. Surprise, you have to KYOB (Kill Your Own Beast) if you want meat. And let me tell you, yarrow roots don't squeal when you slice them. So I'm thinking harder and harder about Going Meatless after January 1. Then after that, nothing but herbal tea and twigs for dinner every night. Until Valentine's Day. Oh well. Baby's workin' on some back. Some people pay big bucks for butt implants.

I have been alerted again that I have not been posting regularly. And this time, not by Michael but by Scott. Well, I bet everyone else is very busy doing holiday stuff as well. If not then... then... oh hell, I can't even idly threaten anyone today, I don't have the energy. Maybe it's the NyQuil. I feel terminal.

Poor girl. We have a new girl here at work, and she is sitting on the other side of my wall, exposed out in the open sunlight, just her and a desk and a very nice laptop, and she's trying to unwrap a breakfast bar or Little Debbie danish or something that crinkles when you open it. She is trying to unwrap it silently, like how you try to unwrap a piece of cellophaned candy during the lull of a church sermon. She seems nice.

I just love referrer tracking.

But when did I write about flexy girl pee holes?

10 Dec, Wed, 15:03:04 Google: "zombie chicken"

12 Dec, Fri, 17:34:16 Google: "barbie fashion plates"

13 Dec, Sat, 12:17:07 Google: game sheep dog shepherd ufo -wolf -nwolf fuck

13 Dec, Sat, 15:59:24 Google: picture of baba ganoush

13 Dec, Sat, 23:49:52 Yahoo: testical pinching

15 Dec, Mon, 15:28:53 Google: bonzi wells blackout

15 Dec, Mon, 21:25:24 Google: COGIC cult

15 Dec, Mon, 22:21:36 Google: racoon feces and toxins

17 Dec, Wed, 06:06:05 Google: shizzlOLATOR

18 Dec, Thu, 10:14:46 Google: "PROTESTANT CONSUMER"

18 Dec, Thu, 11:27:21 Google: "Eating snowmen"

18 Dec, Thu, 11:27:55 Google: "Eating snowmen"

19 Dec, Fri, 08:55:55 Google: bonzi wells oregonian blackout

23 Dec, Tue, 15:05:48 Google: "Skunk Skin Cap" +photo

23 Dec, Tue, 15:09:56 Google: "Skunk Skin cap" +photo

23 Dec, Tue, 17:29:03 Google: flexy +girl +pee +hole

24 Dec, Wed, 20:36:46 Yahoo: recluse spider damage pics

26 Dec, Fri, 14:02:58 Google: "steak" "stretchy pants"

Damn good product.

While I enjoy the theatrics that NyQuil brings as I dream of garish, psychedelic lobsters dancing upon severed poodle heads with nasally Boston accents, this stuff seems to work fairly well if you'd like to arm yourself against a nasty cold coming your way.

Yes, it has zinc in it, but no, it does not taste like sucking on a dirty nickel. Stop the plague that's slowly spreading round the world from on clogged throat to another with SootHerbs Zinc.

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