Monday, December 01, 2003

Hey look, an old post that I never posted.

(Gee, I don't wonder why. Well I apologized to this girl in the end. And she turned out to be nice and wore cute shoes, that's for sure, but she still couldn't mount presentation materials worth dog splatter. So here ya go, while I search in vain for the lengthy, heartfelt post I just saved somewhere in this God-forsaken PC. I miss my Mac.)

I feel bad. I have turned into that bitter weird chick with the wet pony-tail who scares the interns by screaming "f*ck" as loudly as possible when the phone rings. Without the asterisk though. You know, the person that you vow you'll never be like as you enter, faithful and yet unbroken, into the greasy, corporate machine? I'm also fairly positive that she overheard me ripping on the absolute worst job she did mounting some printed collateral that I had to redo. Ugh. Well please, she is majoring in Fashion Design. Don't they have to mount things up for presentations anymore? Or do they just make them play with Barbie Fashion Plates all day until naptime. I apologize, but it looked like a trainwreck. Now she skitters past me in the hall like I'm a junkyard dog. F*ck. There goes the phone again.

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