Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Monday! No, really.

Last night, I had yet another nightmare about a former manager I've had -- the one who motivated us through our workday with such phrases as "They call it work for a reason" and "You like to eat, don't you?" Yes, really.

We were all at some convention hall, and I had no idea why I was there and was bored to tears. So I tried to make the best of it, bought four tickets, and invited four of the emotionally-battered co-workers to come see a show at the hall. Don't even know what the show was about because the four couldn't find parking and showed up late, missing the first hour and only catching the last thirty minutes. So if I can't see the first part of a show, I just don't see it until I can see it in its entirety.

I was surprised to see that one of the people there was her ex-boyfriend. He is a nice guy so I tried to briefly catch up on his life since I'd last seen him. Of course, then enters the former manager, trying to bully her ex back into a relationship. Her attempts were obvious, pathetic, and amateurish, ending in failure, much to my relief for her ex since he is a nice guy.

So as usual, she stomped off with feigned importance but returned soon for no good reason, still trying to put herself in my path. Being skilled at ignoring her frequencies, with a deep-breath and an even deeper soul-balancing sigh, I successfully blocked her out. Then she focused her attention back on her ex, following him out into the rain, still trying to bully him, still stressing her misconstrued importance in this world, and I felt sorry for him but was relieved I'd successfully thrown her out of my dream. Then, best news ever, the nightmare turned back into a properly nice dream with a pleasant surprise-ending -- she was arrested shortly thereafter for a DUI or something similar.

See? I told you it was a Happy Monday.

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