Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

And is it really time for another "Product Review, Product Review"? Well, dang. A little rushed today, but I'm always prepared. Let's see what's in the big, red purse today. How about...gum?

I have two new flavors for you -- Orbit's Mint Mojito and Stride's Forever Fruit.

That's it. That's all you need to know. Now. Go get them. Both. "Now" now, not now "later".

What a great product review, huh? I just tell you what to buy, and you buy it.

Wait. That's what some evil-doer advertisers claim to do to you, the zombiefied consumer. And I'm against that. So no, instead of rubbing my greedy, sweaty palms together while I grind my half-limp, spitty cigar nub between my greening, veneered teeth, counting all the hard-earned money that you, Consumer, just blindly shoveled in my general direction (The Corporate Man) -- no. I think I'll just tell you why I think it's pretty good and maybe you'll buy it, and despite making The Man more money, you'll find that it'll really make your mouth happy. Without much casheesh invested.

Go, Orbit! Orbit's Mint Mojito gum has the perfect balance of a lemony-lime citrus flavor combined with just a hint of sweet minty-ness that almost doesn't taste minty. It's not over-powering at all. It's just a burst of freshness in just the right measure. It's refreshing is what it is, without being either too sweet or too minty. Did I mention that before? Yes. Balance. It's good.

The Forever Fruit is by Stride, and I know it's their gig to create long-lasting flavor, but I figured they'd go out of business because their gums really are tasty and long-lasting, so how could a company produce such a good, quality product and not get bought out by The Man or crushed down by The Feds? Then I realized it was produced by Cadbury, so hopefully they'll be around for a long while. Because Cadbury is like my superhero, if I had to have a superhero. They always have good, quality products and they go the extra mile on flavor and on packaging.

Leave it to the Stride line of gums to design a very cool, double-tiered packaging that y0u can rip off when you finish one row of gum sticks. Smart. Forever Fruit is that yummy, fruity starburst of a flavor that tastes like a combination of peach, melon, and orange. Yes, I'd like to say I figured that out on my own, but the taste combination was driving me nuts until I saw the illustration on the inside of the package.

Thanks again, Cadbury to the rescue!

That's all I got in me today. Half rushed, half loopy trying to try to try trying and try, try trying to get my Etsy shop loaded and online. It's time-consuming but relaxing at the same time. "Etsy. It's not as easy as it looks," but it's definitely worth the trip. I'll post the link as soon as I get a decent amount of handmade goodness up there. Right now I have a grand total of...two sets of beaded stitch markers. Boy. I need to step it up. But it's fun. And my motto is "They don't call it fun for nothin'."

Until then, Happy Weekend, and Happy Canada Day!!

Say what? My gum review bored you?...

Ok, well how about this. Someone just had a wreck, t-boned a pole, right outside Studio B here:

No good? Well, alright. We'll all try a little harder next time.


Anonymous said...

Why do have an overwhelming urge to chew gum, specifically Mint Mojito or Forever Fruit?

bushra said...

ooh, that second one looks like the UK equivalent that I'm hooked on, over here they call it Trident and it's Tropical Flavour. keeps me going during a driving lesson, innit!

me said...

SSam: Good. My (mind-control of the masses, er) work here is done.

b: Ok g'friendt, you know if you don't have the Stride in UK, you knows I can send you that because it's oh-so-good AND gotta Q: do you have Skittles Limited Edition Carnival flavors? (I realize you'll have to save all this candy for later when you can have the sugar, but it's not much longer now, issit!)

bushra said...

ooh i read about those carnival flavour skittles, they sound gooood. and are you kidding? i'm mad on the candy right now? i can down a stick of starburst in like, minutes!

Milena said...

We have that Tropical Trident gum over here in the US too- it's called Tropical Twister and the flavor always reminds me of peaches. I think the gum container has a picture of oranges and kiwis and maybe peaches on it.