Friday, June 08, 2007

Good Friday.

(sfx: ringring...ringring...)

b: whatchu doin', b?
me: doodlin' around. what're you doin'?
b: watchin' Paris Hilton cry her butt off.
me: that shouldn't take 'er too long.


bushra said...

that gave me a good laugh too when i read about it this morning! keep working on those platelets, i've been reading up on anaemia more now and am amazed at how hard you've worked to get through what is the worst form of anaemia. me, i'm like, my ears are ringing with my pulse and i'm outta breathe and i'm a goner!

me said...

shoot, pregnancy makes aplastic anemia look like a piece of cake, now THAT is hard stuff. you just let me or my mom cook some nice okra and greens with nutmeg onnit for you, and you'll grow those red blood cells back in no time!