Friday, August 11, 2006

Today's subject: Artificial intelligence.

The choices we have as humans,
all so confusing, all so extremely important.
I love human ego and irony.
A lot to study there.
Gain here, lose there.
Take this off, replace it with that,
wear something outside, put a pill inside,
adding to take away, taking away to add,
until you look like something in a magazine,
the one with the photoshopped images
of Bigfoot's face found on Mars.
Scribbling this all down in my
super-detailed cataloging process.
This will make such a predictable yet welcomed
Friday night update transmission to the mothership.
But the boys upstairs, they like a good laugh.
Earth: It was such a good idea on paper.
And now, such a fascinating tangled trainwreck
with its strange gravitational forcefield
and lazy, scamming nutballs,
the sellers and the buyers
of Socratic irony.

Clifford, let me know if your rudeness pays off for you.
I need this data, will file you and your customers
under *Really Artificial Intelligence.*
And when you do get busted for email scamming,
you should hope that your new cellmate,
Rodney "The Hot Rod" Pit Bull,
hasn't really gained that extra 3 inches
you promised him along the way.

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