Thursday, August 31, 2006

Not dead yet. But enjoy the silence.

Excerpts to update you via e-mail ramblin' with my beautiful friends:

I like it when kids say things their parents told them but don’t know it’s funny. Hannah (just remember her as my 7 year old daughter/wife – she picked between me and Drew Barrymore, who knows) told me, of her new house, “We live next to a peach orchard, and Mamie (that’s her mom/my friend) told me to tell you that we’re going to get some peaches. And you can come with us but we have to go at night.” I died laughing, and she looked at me like she wanted a divorce.

If I told you that story before, blame it on my mini-stroke.

Speaking of jobs and my take on it:
Yesterday, my computer died, and my first thought was, truly, to shove it out the window, watch it fall to its death, pick up my black bag with all my favorite shit in it, and join the Peace Corps. But my friend said, "You? Bee, you can't be in the Peace Corps -- they'd send you straight to darkest part of Africa, I bet! Can you imagine that?!" (sfx: his uncontrollable laughter at me, but he's right, I hate the heat and I'm scared of giant bugs that live in the dark); but then I stopped and thought "It's the power supply," and one beautiful person at work showed me how to replace it myself. So really, new plan: Join the Posh Corps instead, get stationed in (somewhere not hot with no giant bugs), and help people fix computers instead. Good story, huh? Witness the caffeine. I love PG Tips tea, pyramid tea bags. So good they should call it something besides tea:

What’s for lunch? Thai food here, so they tell me.


bushra said...

i got pasta with scottish poached salmon...

...and PG Tips pyramid bags rule!

me said...

yum to all of that and PG Tips with half'n'half is ruling my world these days.