Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Today's most blogged headline, I'm sure:

"101 Reasons Why Northwest Airlines Sucks"

(or 102, if you count outsourcing the list to begin with):

See the complete story here,
unless you are
(refer to #46)
too busy diving in dumpsters.

Hey! Me, too! I thought you looked familiar.

Heard it on NPR this morning, that #46
brought tears to some eyes.
No doubt.

But after all the denial,
anger, bargaining, depression,
and acceptance,
and the lesser known but possible stages
of numbness, disorganization and reorganization,
how do you cope if
you already do all of this except ride a bike to work?
You're working harder and not thinking smarter:
Maybe ride a rickshaw,
tow a few expendable bodies to work with you,
make some cash.
Does everything have to be spelled out for y-o-u?
I'm sure this idea list will just grow and grow and grow.

Gotta go now, gotta make a baby stroller
out of secondhand paperclips and used stickie notes.

Back to work, citizens!

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