Wednesday, May 17, 2006

For your pleasure:

The following was lifted word-for-word from email update.
Ooooo. Enjoyyyyy.
(Designers Mixtape, especially)


The Designers Mixtape
The designers mixtape invited designers all over the world
to share their musical taste, resulting in a collection of inspiring
playlists and quotes from international designers.

Archrival is a youth branding agency that helps
brands attract young consumers.

Design Dump
Great resource for graphic designers: conference listings,
books, design magazines, articles and much more.

Fashion Trendsetter
Fashion Trendsetter is an online fashion trend forecasting,
color reporting and news e-zine. It also includes up-to-date
fashion information from the major trade fairs.

FiveStone is a fantasy wonderland full of
fresh designs and small barnyard animals.

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The Angry Czeck said...

You forgot to include The Angry Czeck.

That's okay. Really, it's all right. (sniff) I am NOT crying! I have an allergy. (sob) I could really use a tissue, instead of your patronizing stares of psuedo-pity! (weep)