Monday, May 01, 2006

Continuing on the subject of DNA,
anyone interested in a swapmeet?

Basically, she called her boyfriend an idiot when he said
that people are so bored, he bet
could make a website that could clock 2 million hits.
She said if he could, then she'd involve herself in a menage a trois.

Aw. Her parents must be so proud.
So I believe it's our civic duty as good internet citizens
to pass this link and invariably the girl around.

Note: They are currently accepting offers for that third person
to complete the love triangle.
No, with gas up to a mere $3.00 a gallon
and no real solution in sight except for
another Presidential election, I bet I'll be busy
working in a convent making rosaries or hosing out elephant
cages at the zoo, tidying up before the Apocolypse, you know.
So it's up to some other good internet citizen.
Make it happen, people!

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